Painterly Cyborgs and Distant Horizons: A Conversation with Julie Dillon in the January 2016 Issue of Clarkesworld

cw_112_700It’s a new year and with it comes the very first 2016 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine! Just look at that gorgeous cover by the brilliantly talented Julie Dillon. It touches on all the hallmarks that really makes her work stand out:

-engaging use of color
-flowing organic shapes
-gazing off at a distant horizon
-circles (seriously, check out the interview below)
-super cool cyborgs

Her work as an inviting warmth and mystery to it that always makes me want to dive into that world, live, and find out what’s going on with each of her subjects. What is this pharaoh-like bot doing? What’re those glowing orbs floating in its palms? Can I wear that hat? Will I become a cyborg if I wear that hat? Why am I so caught up on that hat?

I had the good fortune to interview Julie Dillon for this issue of Clarkesworld. In addition to being talented and driven, she’s simply an awesome human. Neil Clarke also interwove a bunch of her artwork to the article making it an absolute visual, in addition to cerebral, delight for your eyeballs. So if you want to learn more about Julie and the wonderful body of work she’d done for Clarkesworld, make sure you check out the interview!

Thanks Julie and Neil!

This issue features some wonderful stories from:

The Algorithms of Value by ROBERT REED
The Abduction of Europa by E. CATHERINE TOBLER
Extraction Request by RICH LARSON
Everybody Loves Charles by BAO SHU
The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale by ROBERT SILVERBERG

Also, in the non-fiction section you can find articles like:

Our Future is Artificial by SOFIA SIREN
Painterly Cyborgs and Distant Horizons: A Conversation with Julie Dillon by CHRIS URIE (HOLY CRAP IT ME! *flails arms, passes-out*)
Another Word: Let’s Write a Story Together, MacBook by KEN LIU
Editor’s Desk: The 2015 Reader’s Poll and Contest by NEIL CLARKE