The New Generation of Traditional Animators

I forget where I stumbled across Monocle Magazine. I assume it was a half-asleep late night click around one of my news feeds. However I found the site, I’m very thankful that I did. It has been a constant source of thought provoking stories on music, style, architecture, and art. The articles are  and the videos impeccably produced.

It was one recent video that really grabbed my attention.

I’ve always loved the look of hand-drawn animation. Its imperfections and quirks make it feel organic and full of happy accidents that come with being alive and without control over every variable. The video highlights three animators from the Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Southern England who have taken traditional animation to new heights of complexity and craft.

One sets her stories inside cardboard miniatures, another animates by painting on glass, and the last works with life-sized props and murals.

So, have a look at the latest crop of award-winning and brilliant people innovating in animation.