Select Writings

Short Fiction

Midnight Sunrise
Quirk Books, September 2012


Life, Death, and Level Design: The Brilliant World of Dark Souls
Arcade Sushi, February 2013

Layers of Memory in Remember Me
Arcade Sushi, June 2013

What the Last of Us Asks of You
Arcade Sushi, June 2013


Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer
Geekadelphia, February 2014

The Last of Us
Arcade Sushi, June 2013

Remember Me
Arcade Sushi, June 2013

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Warp Zoned, September 2011

Shadows of the Damned
Warp Zoned, August 2011


Monthly Interviews in Clarkesworld Magazine
Clarkesworld, September 2015 –

Meet a Geek: Michael Swanwick
Philadelphia Weekly, April 2014

Geek of the Week: Gardner Dozois
Geekadelphia, August 2014

Assorted Silliness

5 Bookshelf Organizer Archetypes
Quirk Books, March 2014

10 Things We Love About Pokémon
Arcade Sushi, January 2014

10 Stages of Dark Souls Grief
Arcade Sushi, May 2013