Geekadelphia: How A Little Blog Gave Me A Life In This Big City

Considering the recent announcements involving Geekadelphia, I thought it was about time I told my story of how a blog gave me a life in a big city.

It was a chain of friends that launched me into Philadelphia’s world of 8-bit music, comic conventions, sci-fi authors, and geeks of all sorts. I met John L. Martin at Atlantic Cape Community College in a creative writing class. We bonded over the mutual love of video games, the nearby Borders cafe, and Neil Gaiman novels. One year, he invited me to come along to his friend’s Christmas party. Bianca Cevoli was welcoming and very excited, since she lives in Philly, to find out that I was heading back up to the city to attend Temple University.

Months passed by as I wound my way around Temple’s campus, going to classes, and eating enormous amounts of junk food. At the end of one spring semester, I was chatting with John online and he mentioned that Bianca wrote for Geekadelphia. Being a communications major with a burning desire to write, I plucked up a bit of courage to ask her about the blog. She immediately introduced me to Eric Smith who, for some strange reason, believed in me and took this college student under his wing. Well, considering the first time I met him in person he was wearing three popped polo shirts, I suppose it was more under his collar.

My first post for Geekadelphia was about a video game called A Cloudy Adventure. From there, my own adventure at Geekadelphia has let me into interviews with World Fantasy Award winning authors and movie stars. (A number of those interviews were conducted on the phone between classes in one of Temple’s many lounges.) I’ve had the chance to uncover some of Philly’s brilliant corner stores and photograph 8-bit music shows. Geekadelphia has shown me a city that I never knew existed.

Geekadelphia helped me to find internships while I was finishing college and a job when I graduated. Without it, I shutter to think of what dead-end I might be stuck in without that small, but important, line item that is always on my resume.

Planking the Philly Geek Awards

Geekadelphia has given me all sorts of opportunities, but it has also given me something else. Something much more special. Without Geekadelphia I would never have met all of the amazing people I’m lucky enough to call friends. That entire herd of writers that keep the site up and running are some of the finest humans I’ve ever meet. They continue to amaze me with everything they do. They’re ambitious, hard-working, and unafraid to let their quirky geek flag fly! Without them, I wouldn’t have had a Friendsgiving Tur-duck-in complete with Companion Cube cake. I’d be riding alone on the Tweed Ride. Bad-movie nights would have much smaller attendance. I wouldn’t be able to tear the roof off of Tmom’s every Halloween. I wouldn’t be standing on stage for a group picture with someone executing a perfect plank.

Now, the co-founders are heading off the greener pastures. Tim Quirino has taken a job at Facebook so he can meddle with all of your personal photos and Eric Smith is well on his way to becoming the blockbuster YA author he was always meant to be. In their stead stands Mikey Il, a man of indomitable internet presence, unerring taste in cheesesteaks, and man of many black cats. I’m proud that, as Geekadelphia’s new Assistant Editor, I can call myself the Underlord to his Overlord. If you consider his lustrous hair, I shall be the Iolaus to his Hercules.


Now I have a chance to pay back what Geekadelphia has given me. I get to help keep Geekadelphia alive as the same passionate blog you’ve all come to know and love. It’ll be an honor to help raise high the standard for geeks in Philly!

So, thanks Geekadelphians for giving me a home, and a life, in this big city we all love.

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