Writerly People and Herding Words

I was a writer before I knew I was a writer. I thought like one, acted like one, and read like one.

Now that I’ve fully embraced a passion that was a part of me from the start, I feel a bit more complete. Denying writing would be like denying my love of ice cream, hamburgers, Doctor Who, or Top Gear. It is part of how I identity and has been for awhile. But now, people are starting to identify me as a writer as well and have brought me into their little circles.

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Oh look! A Shiny New Blog!

I’m know I’m very late to the game, but I’ve decided to throw my hat into the digital three-ring circus that is the blogosphere! (Sounds a bit like a part of the atmosphere that is full of gelatinous blobs… jello maybe?)

Anyway… WELCOME!