Step Out Tonight


You might / Think you’re gonna cry / It will be all right /
Step out tonight

When I’m down, it’s always music that picks me up. It could be a song that echoes my own feelings, connecting me across time and space to a musician that might feel the same sort of blues. Sometimes it’s a tune so full of ego, bravado, and life-affirming confidence that it can’t help but shake me out of whatever fog is hovering around my head.

Since 2016 has been a bit of a shit year for everyone, I thought I’d share a song to help you kick off the new year with a blast of positive vibes.

Read into the lyrics however you will, but for me, it’s a foot-stomping reminder to get up, get out, and do something extraordinary with your true friends, the ones there for you through the storms as well as sweet summer days. No matter what’s going on, it will be alright. You just have to step out, call some friends to hang out, have a drink, see a movie, build a rocket, make some music, race go karts, tear around Manhattan on a bicycle, or simply spend some quality time in a backyard hammock.

So when you’re wondering whether or not to do something tonight, the eve of a brand new day (and year), step out. Shake off the dust and debris of 2016 for a fresh adventure with the people who love you. Step out. Do it and don’t look back.

Happy New Year!

What I said I said to her / I’m alive when you walk that way / Can you hear what I can hear? / It’s the sound of a brand new day

A Bit of Jazz

While I certainly wouldn’t call myself an expert, jazz has always been something I love. There’s a rebellious elegance in the way it flaunts convention in favor of wild and fearless experimentation. It encompasses such a wide array of tunes that you can find anything from the elegantly lyrical (‘Round About Midnight) to the maddeningly obtuse (Anything by Sun Ra).

But jazz has always been a somewhat intimidating genre that people don’t quite know where to start. Even though NPR created the excellent Basic Jazz Record Library, I figured I’d toss my guitar pick into the ring and share a few of my favorite jazz songs, albums, and artists. Continue reading

Awake by Tycho

I’ve really gotten into electronic music lately.

Of everything I’ve listened to lately, nothing has captured my attention like Tycho’s newest album Awake.

Awake is the culmination of musical evolution that Tycho seems to be going through. His previous albums are great, but only have the seed of what I think he was striving for sonically. His sound needed to be nurtured a bit until it could be found and bloom fully.

Continue reading